2014 NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement Student Art Contest: AKASHDWEEP

All art on these pages is copyrighted by the individual artists and may not be used without the artist’s specific permission.


by Sai Vignathri Manasi Veluri
8th Grade, Visakhapatnam, India
Illustrating Roadmap Milestone 19

Description: Humans want to make Earth a paradise for people living on it but unfortunately due to some man-made mistakes and due to calamities like earthquakes and tsunamis and colision of asteroids, the existence of human beings has become a question mark, so we are in search of alternatives for survival. AKASHDWEEP is such an effort. AKASH means SKY and DWEEP means an ISLAND. It is a giant torus structure which resembles an island in the sky.

Medium/Tools Used: 3Dmax, MAYA, etc.

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