Book Review: The Future of Humanity

The Future of Humanity, by Michio Kaku. Reviewed by Peter Spasov. A popular theoretical physicist envisions a grand golden age of space development and our ultimate destiny among the stars and even beyond. An entertaining and speculative read to promote the why and how of our journey to the future.

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NSS Chapter Presents LUROVA at NASA in the Park

LUROVA™, the LUnar ROVing Adventures educational simulation game, was provided by the HAL5 NSS Chapter for about 120 kids and adults at the 2018 “NASA in the Park” event in Huntsville, AL on June 16. The event had over 9,000 visitors eager to learn about NASA’s past,...

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Surviving Mars (PC Game Review)

Have you ever wished to build a Martian settlement from scratch and attempt to make it self-sufficient? That’s what the game “Surviving Mars” provides. You begin by selecting which materials to send initially and where to land the supply ship after using probes to...

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Behind the Scenes of the ISDC

By Dave Dressler, NSS Conference Committee Chair Photos by Keith Zacharski, National Space Society Many amazing things happened at ISDC this year and they were by no means simply fortunate accidents. Number one on this year's hit list was our opportunity to spend time...

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ISDC 2018 in the News: Jeff Bezos

Image: Jeff Bezos and Alan Boyle at ISDC 2018. Credit: Keith Zacharski, National Space Society Jeff Bezos attended our 2018 International Space Development Conference to accept the Gerard K. O'Neill Memorial Award for space settlement promotion. Gerard's widow Tasha...

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NSS Chapter Activities at ISDC

By Claire McMurray Photos by Keith Zacharski, National Space Society The ISDC 2018 conference kicked off with a Felicitation Ceremony performed by Avinash Shirode, President of the NSS-Nashik India Chapter. Pictured above are Felicitation Ceremony “investitures” for...

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ISDC 2018 Was the Best One Yet

by Dave Dressler and Rod Pyle Image: Jeff Bezos with Space Settlement Contest students at the 2018 International Space Development Conference. Credit: Keith Zacharski, National Space Society. ISDC 2018 was seen by many as the “Best ISDC ever!” The conference kicked...

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NSS Endorses Space Policy Directive 2

NSS endorses Space Policy Directive 2 (SPD2) which was issued May 24th (see full copy). This directive calls for a broadly scoped reform of the regulation of commercial space activities with a view towards allowing industry to operate more easily in space. Although...

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Who Will Own the 21st Century?

Another American Century or will it belong to Someone Else? The 20th century was the American Century. However, Chinese competitors have made a bid for ownership of the 21st century with a series of audacious global projects such as the 3 Gorges Dam, a Space Station,...

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Disability Can Be a Superpower in Space

Disabled astronauts offer unique solutions to emergencies in space According to Dr. Sheri Wells-Jensen of Bowling Green State University, disabilities can be superpowers for astronauts in space. A position she and her co-author, Joshua Miele, of the Smith Kettlewell...

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