Bruce M. Clark Memorial Scholarship Award Winners

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2017 Award Winners

Students: Shashwat Goel and Ankita Phulia
Project: Anastasi
School: Delhi Public School R.K. Puram
Teacher: Aditya S.
Country: India

2016 Award Winners

Students: SeungHyeon Do (Kongju High School, 12), JaeHun Jang (Korea Science Academy, 12), DongHyun Kim (Korea Science Academy, 12), YongSung Park (GwangJu Munsung High School, 11), HwanSung Jang (Korean Minjok Leadership Academy, 11)
Project: Project Divinity
Teacher: KangSan Kim
Country: Republic of Korea (South Korea)

2015 Award Winners

Student: Alexander C. Reeves, 12th Grade
Project: The Freyr Project
Teacher: Dr. Deano S.
School: Greenhills School, Ann Arbor, Michigan
Country: USA

2014 Award Winners

There was a tie for The Grand Prize for the 2014 Space Settlement Contest. The two Grand Prize winning teams are:
scholarship award winners GreenSpace
From the left to right: Dr. Veselka Radeva (in white), Nedelcho Laskov, Ivan Popov, Atanas Kovachev, Silviya Zaharieva from Astronomical observatory and planetarium.

Project: Greenspace
Country: Bulgaria
Teachers: Dr. V. Radeva and. S.Zaharieva
Students: A. Kovachev, N. Laskov, I. Popov
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scholarship award winners Apeejay School VONA
Sitting left to right: Prajjwal Mahajan, Emmanuel Ratnaraj, Amareen Sandhu. Standing left to right: Karan Chouhan, Hatinderpal Singh, Aditya Pratap Singh, and Hetarth Chopra.

Project: Vona
School: Apeejay School
Country: India
Teachers: Emmanuel Ratnaraj
Students: Hetarth Chopra, Karan Chouban, Prajjwal Mahujan, Amareen Sandhu, Hatinderpal Singh, Aditya Pratap Singh
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2013 Award Winners

scholarship award winners 2013 Award Winners
Zared Schwartz, Reagan Fuhr, Gabriel Teixeira, Robert Gitten, Jonathan Schiller, and Jackie Linevsky.

Project: Maui
School: Cypress Bay High School
Country: USA
Teachers: Jeffrey Rose and Angela Ashley
Students: Jackie Linevsky, Jonathan Schiller, Zared Schwartz, and Gabriel Teixeira

2012 Award Winners

In 2012, two teams, from USA and Romania, tied and shared the Grand Prize.
scholarship award winners clarkus 2012 winners
Jeffrey Rose (teacher), Samuel Tagger, Jacquelyn Linevsky, Robert Gitten, Siobhan Buckley, Eric De La Espirella, Zared Schwartz, and Angela Ashley (teacher).

Project: Kon Tiki
School: Cypress Bay High School
Country: USA
Teachers: Jeffrey Rose and Angela Ashley
Students: Siobhan Buckley, Eric De La Espirella, Robert Gitten, Jacquelyn Linevsky, Samuel Tagger, and Zared Schwartz

scholarship award winners romania
Anca Gheorghe, Cristian Dragomir, Ioana Stoica, Raluca Turcu, Bogdan Cionca,and Maria Uzum.

Project: Aurora Orbiting Space Settlement
School: Tudor Viann National High School of Computer Science
Country: Romania
Teachers: Bogdan A. Cionca
Students: Alexandru Dragomir, Anca Gheorghe, Raluca Turcu, Maria Uzum

2011 Award Winners

scholarship award winners previous winners 1
Kaenat Seth, Deepak Talwar, Harmanjot Singh Walia, Ishaan Mehta, Navdeep Singh Makkar, Gaurav Kumar, and Mahiyal B. Singh.

Project: Hyperion Space Settlement
Schools: Spring Dale Senior School and DAV Public School
Country: India
Teacher: Gaurav Kumar
Students: Navdeep Singh Makkar, Ishaan Mehta, Kaenat Seth, Mahiyal B. Singh, Deepak Talwar, Harmanjot Singh Walia
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2010 Award Winners

In 2010, scholarships were given to the two highest scoring individuals.
scholarship award winners Prateeksha Das 2010
Prateeksha Das

Project: Paradise Reclaimed
School: Ispat English Medium
Country: India
Student: Prateeksha Das
Place: First Place Individual Prize: $3000 scholarship

scholarship award winners RameshReddyN
Ramesh Reddy Nidrabingi

Project: GAA Galileo Space Settlements
Country: India
Student: Ramesh Reddy Nidrabingi
Place: Second Place Individual Prize: $2000 scholarship


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