Candace Pankanin Biography

Candace Pankanin is a former member of the Board of Directors as well as former Vice President of Chapters of the National Space Society.

Candace Pankanin has an MS in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology, and a BS in Physical Education from Brooklyn College. She is currently an employee of a leading telecommunications company.

She is founder and President of the NSS-New Jersey North Society for Space Education Chapter and prior to that served as President of the NSS-NYC Chapter from 2003-2005.

During this time she worked to present “America’s Future In Space” featuring Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, noted astrophysicist and member of the President’s Commission for Moon, Mars and Beyond, for two consecutive years, attracting attendees from all over the U.S.  The program was presented in 2004 at NYU and in 2005 at the American Museum of Natural History Planetarium, where she helped arrange co-sponsorship by the NY Mars Society, NYSkies, The Planetary Society, and others. In addition, she fostered participation of the NSS-NYC team at Earth Day Celebration in NYC in 2004.


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