Chapter Annual Reports

In order to maintain standing as an NSS chapter, both U.S. and International chapters need to file a report with the National Space Society every year.  The reporting deadline is February 15 for U.S. chapters and March 5 for International chapters.

Chapter Annual Reporting Package:

All chapter reports must include (per above package):

  • Updated contact information for your chapter.
  • Any changes to your chapter bylaws.
  • A list of activities for the past year including a description.  Please begin each item/activity with the title of the event, the date, location, and approximate number of people in attendance.
  • A chapter membership list
  • Any other information chapters wish to regularly report to NSS.

All United States chapter reports must include:

  • Financial information covering the previous calendar year.
    • Chapter Financial Short Form (page 6 in above package)
    • Chapter Financial Long Form: [Excel]
      for chapters with more than $50,000 income
  • Permission for NSS to include chapter under NSS non-profit umbrella.
    • Group Exemption Authorization Letter form (page 4 in above package)
  • Proof that chapter has filed its
    Form 990-N (or separate Form 990) with the IRS.

    • Forward a copy of the IRS response email or do a screenshot of the confirmation page.

Submit electronic reports by email to

While electronic submission is preferred, you may alternatively mail or fax your report. 
All U.S. chapters who file only a Form 990-N with the IRS must mail or fax in a signed
copy of their Chapter Financial Short Form (page 6 in above package). 
Mail your paper report (or required forms) to NSS Headquarters now located at:

Drohan Management Group
Attn: National Space Society Chapter Reports
11130 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 350
Reston, VA  20191, USA

You can alternatively FAX your report to:  (703) 435-4390, ATTN: Jill Jackson

Filing with the IRS (U.S. Chapters Only)

All U.S. chapters must also file with the IRS in addition to forms submitted
directly to NSS above.  U.S. chapters that have generated revenues of less than
may file via the online IRS
Form 990-N (so-called “e-Postcard”).

IRS Form 990-N requires the following information from each chapter:

  • Chapter name
  • Any other names the chapter uses
  • Mailing and website addresses
  • Employer Identification Number (EIN)   — Need one?  
    Click here for instructions
  • Name and address of principal officer for the chapter
  • Annual tax period
  • A statement that the chapter’s gross receipts are normally $50,000 or less
  • If applicable, indication that the chapter is going out of business

IRS Form 990-N (e-Postcard) is available on the IRS website at

Step-by-Step instructions
including screen shots are available in this PDF file.


Any additional questions about this IRS filing requirement may be directed to NSS headquarters
via email at or by calling 202-429-1600.

If your chapter has generated revenues of more than $50,000 this year,
please contact NSS Headquarters for more information at 202-429-1600 or

All other questions, or if you are having trouble accessing or downloading the forms that
you need, send an email to Vice-President for Chapters David Stuart.  The forms will
be sent to you as an email attachment.  Send your questions or request for forms to

or call 202-429-1600 and leave a voice mail.  When sending an email please put
"NSS Chapter Annual Report" in the Subject Line.


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