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Edward D. McCullough


Edward D. McCullough is a retired principal scientist at The Boeing Company and former member of the NSS Board of Directors. He received his professional training in nuclear engineering through the U.S. Navy, and Bettis and Knowles Atomic Power Laboratories (gaining his Certification for Nuclear Engineering at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard in 1975).

Mr. McCullough focused on concept development, experimental chemistry, and advanced technology at Rockwell Space Systems Advanced Engineering and at the Boeing divisions of Phantom Works and Integrated Defense Systems. He has researched innovative methods to reduce the development time of technologies and systems from 10 to 20 years down to 5 years. He has experienced successes in the area of chemistry and chemical engineering for extraterrestrial processing and photonics for vehicle management systems, and integrated vehicle health management and communications. He has led efforts for biologically inspired multi parallax geometric situational awareness for advanced autonomous mobility and space manufacturing.

Mr. McCullough has developed several patents, including patents for an angular sensing system; a method for enhancing digestion reaction rates of chemical systems; and a system for mechanically stabilizing a bed of particulate media.

Mr. McCullough is Chair Emeritus of the AIAA Space Colonization Technical Committee, a member of the Board of Trustees for the University Space Research Association, a member of the Science Council for Research Institute for Advanced Computer Science, and a charter member of the AIAA Space Exploration Program Committee. Mr. McCullough previously served on the NRC Committee to Review NASA’s Exploration Technology Development Programs, and the Planning Committee for the Workshop on Research Enabled by the Lunar Environment.


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