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Join NSS    Your membership will allow us to educate citizens and leaders around the world about the value of human spaceflight, exploration, development, and settlement as well as the policies and funding needed to make it happen.

Join a student competition  Win valuable experience and recognition by entering the NSS/NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest, the International Space Settlement Design Competition, or the Jim Baen Memorial Writing Contest.

Attend our conference  The National Space Society invites you to come learn about the current ideas and plans for space travel, space development & space settlements at the International Space Development Conference.

Join our political action network  The NSS Political Action Network works to advance the cause of space exploration, development, and settlement via legislative education.

Stay informed  Stay abreast of latest developments via Ad Astra magazine, the NSS Space Settlement Journal, and the NSS Blog.

Support a project  Engage with volunteers in our many projects such as Enterprise In Space, Alpha Cubesat, and Cislunar Explorers.

Make a donation  Your tax-deductable donations enable us to perform educational outreach and manage related projects, improve the benefits and services to our members, provide member-only discounts on NSS events and merchandise, offer reduced-rate memberships to Students and Seniors, support our volunteer national leaders and local Chapters, and work in cooperation with our affiliates and other organizations.

Find a local chapter  Our chapter directory helps you locate a chapter near you where you can meeting and join forces with those that share your interest in building a better future in space.

Volunteer  The National Space Society has many unpaid positions available for volunteers.

Join our social networks.  Find us on YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Second Life, and Google+.


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