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Why Join NSS? – Because You Can Make a Difference

1) Advance the Movement . . . Become part of a “Dynamic Community” that fosters the exploration and settlement of space

2) Stay Informed . . . Ad Astra, the award winning magazine and the Ad Astra Downlink e-newsletter keep you up-to-date on NSS activities and the latest advances in space settlement

3) Get Energized . . . Attend the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) and connect with space leaders who will share the latest breakthroughs in space exploration and development

4) Shape Space Legislation . . . Be Heard and “Make the Case for Space” through the NSS legislative and Advocacy programs

5) Engage, Motivate and Inspire . . . See your ideas come to life through NSS educational initiatives and projects

6) Share Your Passion for Space . . . Meet like minded advocates for space through NSS chapters and programs like the Space Ambassadors

7) Lead the Way . . . Become an NSS Volunteer on the local or national level and take part in tangible activities that move the space development agenda forward

8) Get Rewarded . . . NSS membership includes an invitation to join the NASA Federal Credit Union where you can enjoy competitive rates on credit cards, loans and deposits

Membership starts as low as $20. Join now and help secure your future in space!
NSS is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. The portion of Membership Dues above $12.50 ($9.00 for Digital-only) can be considered a donation for U.S. tax purposes.


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