Mark Barthelemy Biography

Mark Barthelemy biography portrait

Mark Barthelemy

National Space Society Board of Directors


Mark Barthelemy is the founder of a space education outreach organization producing learning content and, an online education firm based in Seoul offering experiential and online learning experiences for students aspiring to top universities. He speaks fluent Korean.

Mark is an adviser and interpreter and freelance journalist for VICE Media, Inc., an Advisory Board Member of the American University Preparatory School, and Advisor to Buzz Aldrin Enterprises, LLC.

He has held various positions in business consuting, investment analysis, and education, including Management Consultant for Ernst and Young, International Business Development Analyst for Dialpad Communications, Business development Contractor for InPlace, Investment Analyst for Credit Lyonnais Securities Asia, VP of Marketing & Corporate Development for World Esports Games, New-Media Research Consultant for Warner Brothers (Warner Home Entertainment), Director of Operations for Futures in Education, and Educational Designer and Head of College Admissions Advisory Services for Lourus and Education.


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