National Space Society Board of Directors

Kirby Ikin, Chairman

The NSS Board of Directors is responsible for the overall supervision, control, direction, and governance of the property, activities, and affairs of the Society, its committees, and its publications. Members are elected either At-Large, by the whole membership of the society, or for one of 8 Regional positions.  Regional Directors are elected for 2-year voluntary terms; At-Large Directors for four years. Note: Each member of the NSS Executive Committee is an ex officio (non-voting) member of the Board of Directors, if not already a voting member of the Board. The Board of Directors is advised by or otherwise coordinates with the Board of Governors and Board of Advisors.


At-Large Directors, terms expiring 2020


At-Large Directors, terms expiring 2018



Regional Directors, terms expiring 2018

  • Chantelle Baier (Region 1)
  • Jim Keravala (Region 2)
  • Ken Ruffin (Region 3)
  • Christine Nobbe (Region 4)
  • Jay Wittner (Region 5)
  • Kyle Perkins (Region 6)
  • Burton Dicht (Region 7)
  • Amanda Moore (Region 8)


US Regional Directors

Map of US Regions for Regional Directors


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