NSS Space Settlement Journal

The NSS Space Settlement Journal is an online peer-reviewed, open access journal on all aspects of space settlement and activities leading to space settlement. The Journal builds upon the extensive work NSS has done to create the planet’s largest online library of space settlement information. See Call for Papers.

Published Papers:

Issue #3, November, 2017 –

Issue #2, February, 2017 – July, 2017

Issue #1, December, 2011 – December, 2016:


  • Al Globus, San Jose State University, Editor in Chief
  • Gary Barnhard, National Space Society
  • Fred Becker, National Space Society
  • Stephen D. Covey, Applied Innovation Inc.
  • Anita Gale, International Space Settlement Design Competition
  • Peter Garretson, National Space Society
  • Mark Hopkins, National Space Society
  • John Lewis, University of Arizona
  • James S. Logan, M.D.
  • Scott Pace, George Washington University
  • Joseph Palaia, 4Frontiers Corporation
  • Joe Strout, Luminary Apps LLC



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