Running for the NSS Board of Directors

Members of the NSS Board of Directors are volunteers from the space activist community; the organization holds to democratic principles, and we are always looking for good candidates to help keep the organization on a sound footing.

If you would like to run as a grassroots candidate, there is a petition process that interested NSS members are welcome to use:  see the NSS bylaws and Campaign Rules for details on the process.  The following is a brief summary of what you
have to do to run.

There are two categories of board positions, “At Large”, with a four-year term, and “Regional”, with a two-year term.  Regional candidates must live within their
region and be nominated by members from their region, at large members can live and be nominated by members anywhere.  Regional candidates require five signatures from NSS members on their nominating petitions, while at-large candidates require 40 signatures with at least 5 signatures from each of 3 different regions.  The petition deadline is January 15th of the election year.  All petitions must have original signatures.  Petitions must include, or be accompanied by, a written statement from the nominee stating that he or she wishes to run for the Board, or is willing to accept the nomination, or other words to that effect. Persons may
not be nominated without their consent.

While seeking petition signatures, there is an opportunity to sign up new and lapsed NSS members.  The “new” member recruiting rate is $20 (world wide) for people who have never been an NSS member and for former members whose membership has lapsed more than 9 months.  Base (non-contributing) Renewal rates vary from $24 to $52 depending on membership options.  Be sure to note on the petition form which signers are rejoining or joining the NSS and include the membership forms and payment (checks or credit
card information) with the petitions.

Once your nomination is approved, you can submit a campaign statement of up to 400 words that will accompany the election ballot.  This is your opportunity to inform the voter of your qualifications to serve as an NSS Director, and what you would like to do if elected.  Your statement may include mention of any endorsements you have received specifically for this election (see recommended form below).  Your campaign statement must be received by the NSS by February 17.  To faciliate this, please create your statement electronically in a word processor such as Microsoft Word, and email the document to the NSS Secretary and Elections Committee at:



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