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    The theory ascribed to Freeman Dyson in this story is indeed one of his more recent proposals, and the described talk given to JPL took place in the real world. I tend to view things from the High Frontier perspective, and when I first heard about this proposal, the points Danny Treece makes about pit-lamping's applicability to O'Neill-type orbital habitats occurred to me. I didn't know Prof. Dyson, but knew someone who did, and they relayed a short inquiry from me. The E-mail Dyson sends to Keith in my story is the E-mail he sent to me with scarcely any editing.

    Those who are interested in the provocative suggestion that there might well be orbital habitats of alien manufacture right here in our own system should read The Reenchantment of the Solar System: A Proposed Search for Local ET's, a paper by Dr. Gregory Lee Matloff which discusses this very possibility and suggests possible telescopic search strategies.

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