Mining Nonterrestrial Resources:
Information Needs and Research Topics
by Jaak J. K. Daemen
    1. The Influence of Gravity on Mechanical Excavation
        Technology and on the Performance of Associated
    2. The Status of Remotely Controlled and Automated
    3. Environmental Effects on Lunar Surface Mining
    4. The Applicability of Conventional Mining Methods
        and Equipment to Lunar Mining
    5. Underground Construction Methods
        for Lunar Application     
    6. Rock Drilling on the Moon
    7. Lunar Construction by Rock Melting
    8. The Implications of Vehicle Traction on the Moon
        for Mining Operations
    9. Moon Excavation Technologies.
    10. Potential Asteroid Fragmentation Technology
    11. Automation, Operator Proficiency,
          and Excavation Efficiency
    12. The Influence of Gravity on Slusher Mining
    13. Wear-Resistant Materials for Space Mining
    14. Remote Sensing of Rock Excavation Characteristics
    15. Particle Size Reduction Technology
          for Applications in Space



PART 2-Beneficiation and Extraction of
Noneterrestrial Materials
by William N. Agosto
     Beneficiation and Oxygen Extraction Methods






Table of Contents

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