Processing Lunar Soils for Oxygen and Other Materials. by Christian W. Knudsen and Michael A. Gibson
     Ilmenite-Semicontinuous Process.
     Ilmenite-Continuous Fluid-Bed Reduction
     Utilization of Spent Ilmenite To Produce Bulk Materials.
     Silicates-Electrochemical Reduction.
     Silicates-Chemical Reduction.

Oxygen From the Lunar Soil by Molten Silicate Electrolysis by Russell O. Colson and Larry A. Haskin
     Oxygen From the Moon
     Process Theory
          Power Requirements
          Products of Molten Silicate Electrolysis
          Electrode and Container Materials
          Problems and Work Yet To Be Done
          Criteria for Comparing Processes
A Proposed Lunar Factory

Vapor Phase Pyrolysis by Wolfgang Steurer

Plasma Separtion by Wolfgang Steurer

Processes for Metal Extraction by David F. Bowersox


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