Bioprocessing of Ores: Application to Space Resources by Karl R. Johansson
      Acid Leaching of Ores
          The Bacteriology
          The Commercial Leaching Operation
             Dump Leaching
             Vat Leaching
             In Situ Leaching
      Other Microbial Transformations of Metals.
          Anaerobic (Reducing) Conditions
             Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria
             Photosynthetic Bacteria Bacterial Reduction of Metal Ions
          Biotransformation of Some Toxic Metals
             and Metalloids

     Leaching of Ores by Growth of Heterotrophic Microorganisms
     Bioaccumulation of Metals
          Electrostatic Attraction
          Surface Deposition or Precipitation (Biosorption)
          Intracellular Transport of Ions
          Natural Chelators
Processing of Metal and Oxygen From Lunar Deposits by Constance F. Acton
     Metallurgical Processing
         Geochemical Availability
         Extraction Technology


Table of Contents

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