Plans for a Hydroponics System: (from the STELLAR website)

1. Get a large PVC pipe (one that is about 5 to 10 centimeters in diameter).

2. Drill holes (with a hole saw) the size of a cup into your pipe.

3. Connect smaller PVC pipes to your large pipe (using plastic adhesives) to create a design that will fit the space you have. The ends of the PVC pipe should be capped, depending on where the smaller pipes are attached.

4. Get a bucket filled with nutrient solution and set it below your PVC set-up. Nutrient solution will drain into the bucket.

5. Put a submersible pump into the bucket.

6. Drill a smaller hole into the top of your large PVC pipe for a hose from the pump.

7. Run a hose into the top of the pipe to circulate the nutrient solution. The height and placement of the PVC pipe may need to be adjusted to assure the pump can deliver the nutrient solution.

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