Space Ambassadors

Space Ambassadors program

Phase I of the Space Ambassadors program has been concluded and the following awards were presented at ISDC 2016:

The two Aurora Aerospace awards, each providing a minimum of 12 parabolas in an Aurora Aerospace Rockwell 700 aircraft, where each parabola offers several seconds of zero-g conditions, went to Jeff Smith of Colorado Springs, Colorado and Chuck Schlemm of Burns, Tennessee. For more information about Aurora Aerospace, check out

The Kepler Space Institute award, a non-expiring, $5,000 scholarship available for use on any part of the Kepler Space Institute curriculum, was awarded to Stevan Akerley of Durham, Connecticut. For more information about the Kepler Space Institute, check out

The NASTAR Center Award, consisting of training in their Basic Suborbital Space Training Program, a comprehensive 2-day program of training for space flight, to include centrifuge training, went to Loretta Hall of Albuquerque, New Mexico. For more information about the NASTAR Center, check out

The ZERO-G Corporation Award, providing a ZERO-G Experience® consisting of a minimum of 15 parabolas in ZERO-G’s Boeing 727, where each parabola offers several seconds of zero-g conditions, went to Eryn Beisner of Friendswood, Texas. For more information about the ZERO-G Corporation, check out

The National Space Society would like to thank our sponsors for their generous support. NSS would also like to thank all the Space Ambassadors who participated in Phase I, especially our award winners, for your hard work on this very successful outreach project.

See for more information.


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