The Second Conference on Lunar Bases and Space Activities of the 21st Century

Second Lunar Base Conference


Edited by W. W. Mendell. NASA Conferences Publication 3166, Volume 1 (Parts 1-4) & Volume 2 (Parts 5-8), 1992, 706 pages. Available here in PDF as individual papers below.

Table of Contents and Prologue [PDF 585K]

Volume 1: Part 1: Lunar Transporation Systems

  1. Conceptual Analysis of a Lunar Base Transportation System [PDF 701K]
  2. Lunar Base Mission Technology Issues and Orbital Demonstration Requirements on Space Station [PDF 582K]
  3. Adaptation of Space Station Technology for Lunar Operations [PDF 450K]
  4. Operational Considerations for Lunar Transportation [PDF 437K]
  5. Electric Propulsion for Lunar Exploration and Lunar Base Development [PDF 940K]
  6. Advanced Propulsion for LEO-Moon Transport: I. A Method for Evaluating Advanced Propulsion Performance [PDF 771K]
  7. Advanced Propulsion for LEO-Moon Transport: II. Tether Configurations in the LEO-Moon System [PDF 434K]
  8. Advanced Propulsion for LEO-Moon Transport: III. Transportation Model [PDF 841K]
  9. Enabling Lunar and Space Missions by Laser Power Transmission [PDF 442K]
  10. Lunar 3He, Fusion Propulsion, and Space Development [PDF 604K]
  11. The Transportation Depot: An Orbiting Vehicle Support Facility [PDF 1 MB]
  12. Developing a Safe On-Orbit Cryogenic Depot [PDF 625K]
  13. Lunar Lander Stage Requirements Based on the Civil Needs Data Base [PDF 1.1 MB]
  14. Lunar Lander Conceptual Design [PDF 1 MB]
  15. Preliminary Definition of a Lunar Landing and Launch Facility (Complex 39L) [PDF 541K]
  16. Lunar Base Launch and Landing Facilities Conceptual Design [PDF 1.1 MB]

Part 2: Lunar Base Site Selection

  1. The Choice of the Location of the Lunar Base [PDF 723K]
  2. Geological and Geophysical Field Investigations from a Lunar Base at Mare Smythii [PDF 1.4 MB]
  3. A Lunar Polar Expedition [PDF 791K]
  4. Astronomy on the Moon: Geological Considerations [PDF 563K]
  5. Helium Mining on the Moon: Site Selection and Evaluation [PDF 897K]
  6. The Lunar Orbiter Prospector [PDF 846K]
  7. Lunar Observer Laser Altimeter Observations for Lunar Base Site Selection [PDF 951K]
  8. A Search for Intact Lava Tubes on the Moon: Possible Lunar Base Habitats [PDF 1.4 MB]
  9. A Seismic Risk for the Lunar Base [PDF 294K]

Part 3: Lunar Surface Architecture and Construction

  1. Lunar Architecture and Urbanism [PDF 591K]
  2. Earth-Based Analogs of Lunar and Planetary Facilities [PDF 551K]
  3. Inflatable Habitation for the Lunar Base [PDF 478K]
  4. Preliminary Design Study of Lunar Housing Configurations [PDF 313K]
  5. Prefabricated Foldable Lunar Base Modular Systems for Habitats, Offices, and Laboratories [PDF 542K]
  6. Concrete Lunar Base Investigation [PDF 572K]
  7. Vertical Regolith Shield Wall Construction for Lunar Base Applications [PDF 383K]
  8. Evolving Concepts of Lunar Architecture: The Potential of Subselene Development [PDF 1.3 MB]
  9. Lunar Subsurface Architecture Enhanced by Artificial Biosphere Concepts [PDF 613K]
  10. Extraterrestrial Applications of Solar Optics for Interior Illumination [PDF 443K]

Part 4: Scientific Investigations at a Lunar Base

  1. The Roles of Humans and Robots as Field Geologists on the Moon [PDF 659K]
  2. Some Astronomical Challenges for the Twenty-first Century [PDF 578K]
  3. Radio Astrometry from the Moon [PDF 183K]
  4. Required Technologies for Lunar Astronomical Obserevatories [PDF 508K]
  5. Environmental Effects on Lunar Astronomical Observatories [PDF 789K]
  6. Lunar Base Activities and the Lunar Environment [PDF 831K]
  7. An Artificially Generated Atmosphere Near a Lunar Base [PDF 407K]
  8. A Manned Exobiology Laboratory Based on the Moon [PDF 120K]
  9. Possible Biomedical Applications and Limitations of a Variable-Force Centrifuge on the Lunar Surface: A Research Tool and an Enabling Resource [PDF 530K]

Volume 2: Part 5: Utilization of Lunar Resources

  1. Resources for a Lunar Base: Rocks, Minerals, and Soil of the Moon [PDF 1.3 MB]
  2. The Formation of Ore Mineral Deposits on the Moon: A Feasibility Study [PDF 355K]
  3. Applications for Special-Purpose Minerals at a Lunar Base [PDF 623K]
  4. Water and Cheese from the Lunar Desert: Abundances and Accessibility of H, C, and N on the Moon [PDF 398K]
  5. First Steps to Lunar Manufacturing: Results of the 1988 Space Studies Institute Lunar Systems Workshop [PDF 814K]
  6. Lunar Resource Recovery: A Definition of Requirements [PDF 411K]
  7. Electrolytic Smelting of Lunar Rock for Oxygen, Iron, and Silicon [PDF 1.0 MB]
  8. Lunar Mining of Oxygen Using Fluorine [PDF 577K]
  9. Uses of Lunar Sulfur [PDF 742K]
  10. Availability of Hydrogen for Lunar Base Activities [PDF 533K]
  11. The Influence of Lunar Propellant Production on the Cost-Effectiveness of Cislunar Transportation Systems [PDF 483K]
  12. Impact of Lunar Oxygen Production on Direct Manned Mars Missions
    [PDF 460K]
  13. Fusion Energy from the Moon for the Twenty-first Century [PDF 1.4 MB]
  14. Synergism of 3He Acquisition with Lunar Base Evolution [PDF 702K]
  15. Physical Properties of Concrete made with Apollo 16 Lunar Soil Sample [PDF 455K]
  16. The Possibility of Concrete Production on the Moon [PDF 253K]
  17. Concrete Structure Construction on the Moon [PDF 250K]
  18. Lunar Concrete for Construction [PDF 272K]

Part 6: Life Support and Crew Health at a Lunar Base

  1. The Environmental Control and Life-Support System for a Lunar Base – What Drives its Design [PDF 896K]
  2. Life Systems for a Lunar Base [PDF 613K]
  3. Lunar Base CELSS – A Bioregenerative Approach [PDF 503K]
  4. Crop Growth and Associated Life Support for a Lunar Farm [PDF 432K]
  5. Long-Term Lunar Stations: Some Ecological Considerations [PDF 690K]
  6. Engineering Verification of the Biomass Production Chamber [PDF 447K]
  7. Scenarios for Optimizing Potato Productivity in a Lunar CELSS [PDF 396K]
  8. Potential of Derived Lunar Volatiles for Life Support [PDF 352K]
  9. Technology Development for Lunar Base Water Recycling [PDF 662K]
  10. Plasma Reactor Waste Management System [PDF 320K]
  11. Distribution of Human Waste Samples in Relation to Sizing Waste Processing in Space [PDF 425K]
  12. Bone Loss and Human Adaptation to Lunar Gravity [PDF 795K]

Part 7: Operations and Infrastructure on the Lunar Surface

  1. Conceptual Design of a Lunar Base Thermal Control System [PDF 872K]
  2. Advanced Photovoltaic Power System Technology for Lunar Base Applications [PDF 325K]
  3. Solar Water Heating System for a Lunar Base [PDF 401K]
  4. Automation and Robotics Considerations for a Lunar Base [PDF 554K]
  5. Lunar Surface Mining for Automated Acquisition of Helium-3: Methods, Processes, and Equipment [PDF 802K]
  6. The Lunar Roving Vehicle – A Historical Perspective [PDF 1.4 MB]
  7. Mobile Work Platform for Initial Lunar Base Construction [PDF 238K]
  8. Engineering Planetary Lasers for Interstellar Communication [PDF 716K]
  9. Unit Operations for Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer in a Reduced-Gravity Environment [PDF 456K]
  10. Combustion of Gaseous Fuels Under Reduced-Gravity Conditions [PDF 466K]
  11. Occupational Ergonomics in Space [PDF 515K]

Part 8: Enabling a Program for Human Exploration of Space

  1. The Real World and Lunar Base Activation Scenarios [PDF 554K]
  2. Moon Park: A Research and Educational Facility [PDF 304K]
  3. Lunar Stepping Stones to a Manned Mars Exploration Scenario [PDF 477K]
  4. Creating a Foundation for a Synergistic Approach to Program Management [PDF 728K]
  5. The “Province” and “Heritage” of Mankind Reconsidered: A New Beginning [PDF 551K]
  6. A Basis of Settlement: Economic Foundations of Permanent Pioneer Communities [PDF 546K]
  7. The Lunar “Community Church”: Contributions to Lunar Living and to Evolution of Ethical and Spiritual Thinking [PDF 231K]

Indexes and Acronym Glossary [PDF 2.7 MB]


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