Empowering the Future of Space Development and Settlement

News flash: Space Settlement Summit 2023 Oct 27-28
Space Settlement Summit 2023

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Our GOals

Defending Earth

The Earth is silently but continuously threatened by near-Earth objects—asteroids—some of which we will not spot until it is too late. Learn more.

Clean Energy from Space

One of the most promising use of space resources is beaming clean unlimited space solar power back to Earth. Learn more.

Developing Space

Using the vast resources of space to benefit all humanity. Learn more.

Communities in Space

Supporting the establishment of space settlements, making us an interplanetary species Learn more.

Give the Gift of Space: Membership for Friends and Family

Join The Greatest Adventure

The National Space Society makes it possible for anyone to actively engage in space-related activities.

Connecting Talent with Opportunity

Why Space Matters

Space is a critical part of our lives today, and the foundation of a better future for humanity. Learn more.

Join our PAN

The NSS works to advance the cause of space exploration, development, and settlement via our political action network (PAN). Learn more.

Join a Chapter

Join your local chapter and be part of a growing community. Learn more.

NSS General Fund

A one-time or recurring donation to the NSS General Fund advances the cause of human spaceflight, exploration, development, and all activities of the NSS. Donate

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NSS blogs contain a wealth of information that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere, as evidenced from the many organic searches that bring new people into the NSS realm. Read more posts.

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