2016 Roadmap to Space Settlement Student Art Contest Entries

All art on these pages is copyrighted by the individual artists and may not be used without the artist’s specific permission.

The following entries were accepted into the 2016 NSS Roadmap to Space Settlement Student Art Contest. Many of them did not technically meet this year’s contest requirement for realism but were nevertheless accepted into the contest because they depicted a space settlement at an age-appropriate level of skill.

2016 student art contest Martian Base construction
Martian Base
by Satya Deepya Malla
12th Grade, India

Description: This artwork exhibits the construction work being done for a multi-purpose base on Mars. It is the first step to colonize Mars. The painting depicts the intense hard work and commitment shown by the astronauts in setting up a permanent space settlement. Tools Used: Acrylic paints, canvas, Adobe Photoshop.

2016 student art contest entry
Mission Beeship-1
by Anuja Halder
12th Grade, India

Description: The setting is inside an orbital space settlement where a girl is seeing the view from her balcony. The city has been drawn so that people residing there can feel like Earth with almost all the natural and artificial technology being used in order to sustain life and create a home-like environment with flora and fauna in both an urban and rural lifestyle. Earth and universe can be seen from the big open space, i.e from the entrance and also from inside the glass windows. Tools Used: White sheet, pencil colors, oil pastel colors and black ball point pen.

2016 student art contest Moon Base
The Moon Base
by Pradyut Kumar
9th Grade, India

Description: SUPAR is a mining base set up at the surface of our own Moon to mine Helium-3 to eventually solve the Earth’s energy crisis. The workers are setting up EVAs and checking if all systems are working properly. Tools Used: I have used Blender (v. 2.76) to help bring my idea to life.

2016 student art contest My Dream Paradise with My Friends
My Dream Paradise with My Friends
by Shreshtha Shrivastava
9th Grade, India

Description: In my artwork, I have depicted how human beings can survive on an asteroid with the help of a developed settlement. An enclosure of glass has been made which contains oxygen and other significant elements required for survival. There is an outlet from the enclosure through which people can exit if they want to go in space. Children are very happy playing outdoor and indoor games and riding the Ferris wheel. Children are enjoying and studying the rocks outside while wearing protective suits. Tools Used: Acrylic paints, soft pastels, brushes.

2016 student art contest Interior View
Interior View
by Madhumita Ramesh
9th Grade, India

Description: This art shows a residential torus. A girl admires Mars from her house by using a telescope. Included is a vast view of luxurious buildings in the space settlement. Tools Used: Watercolors, crayons and pencil.

2016 student art contest Residential Torus
Residential Torus
by Ratna Bojja Muralidhar Bojja
9th Grade, India

Description: My art represents residential torus living. It depicts luxurious houses and comfortable living, parks and transportation, and the daily life of people. It is situated in Earth orbit. Tools Used: Poster colors, plastic crayons and white drawing sheet.

2016 student art contest Internal Transportaton System
Internal Transportaton System
by Lija Bhar
9th Grade, India

Description: My project depicts the internal transportation system on a space settlement. It shows how people can travel from one torus to another torus for daily activities. It shows two types of transport: cargo transport and passenger transport. Tools Used: Water colors, crayons.

2016 student art contest Interior and Life
Interior and Life
by Chaitra R
9th Grade, India

Description: This is a collage of life in a torus. External view in middle-lower-right, with exploded interior views top and left. Tools Used: Water colors, black chart, glitter pens.

2016 student art contest Astronaut in Space
Astronaut in Space
by Agha Laiq Hussain Md
7th Grade, India

Description: Astronaut in Space is a pictorial representation of how things will be if humans move into space to live. Tools Used: Hand drawn picture colored by pencils.

2016 student art contest Destination Dream
Destination Dream
by Keaton Duffeck
7th Grade, United States

Description: I made it in outer space aboard multiple space ships following the main ship. Tools Used: Poster Board using pencil to sketch and then filled in with markers.

2016 student art contest Space Society
Space Society
by Gokilavani Maruthachellam
5th Grade, India

Description: About our space. Tools Used: Crayons, oil paste.

2016 student art contest Space Society
Space Society
by Divyadarshini Suresh
5th Grade, India

Description: About our space. Tools Used: Crayons, oil paste.

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