“Dang Gus. Ah hope they have some bacon n’ cheese grits at the pre-flight breakfast.” Gus Grissom is probably bewildered by John Young’s Orlando ways prior to Gemini 3, March 1965. 


 “STOP MESSIN’ WITH MAH FACE, Y’ALL.” John looks a bit exasperated following Gemini 10, 1966.


“Mike, stop givin’ these l’il kids mah cake. Ah was hungry, dang it.” Cake time after Gemini 10, 1966. From left, Mike Collins, a young astro-fan, and John Young.


“Whut? They made a parkway out of meh? Aw shucks. Ah ain’t dead yet. Nope. Far from it.” John Young Parkway exit sign near Orlando, Florida. 


“Yeah. Space. It ain’t nuthin’. Jus’ a normal day in mah life.” Following Gemini 3, 1965.


Photo credits: First three photos courtesy of NASA; John Young Parkway picture by Emily Carney; cigar smokin’ picture courtesy of Life magazine.


Emily Carney is a writer, space enthusiast, and creator of the This Space Available space blog, published since 2010. In January 2019, Emily’s This Space Available blog was incorporated into the National Space Society’s blog. The content of Emily’s blog can be accessed via the This Space Available blog category.

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