The National Space Society is proud of its award-winning magazine, Ad Astra (“to the Stars”).  Ad Astra features the latest news and commentary about space exploration, development, and settlement, with stunning full color photographs.

As a way to show its appreciation to its loyal members for their continued support, as well as to “spread the word” to the greater community about the benefits of membership in the Society, NSS (for a limited time only) is making one full issue of Ad Astra available online to its members, as well as to anyone who registers on its website.  (Such registration is free and without obligation.)  Please follow the link below to review the full Spring 2009 issue:

(This offer has expired)
See Ad Astra Magazine

NSS hopes that its members and registered users will enjoy this special, limited, one-time opportunity, and will also provide it with their feedback as to this online version of Ad Astra.

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