Additional NSS Officials

Vice President for Space Development: Greg Autry [additional profile]. Works on publicity and fundraising with a special focus on representing NSS to industry, to NASA, and to the media.

Vice President of Marketing: Dr. Anthony Paustian. Responsible for the brand and public interface of the Society through press releases, Society-level marketing, Society-level social media, and implementation of an organizational brand strategy.

Vice President of NSS-India Relationships: Madhu Thangavelu. Works to foster and strengthen the relationship between NSS and India and NSS activities in India.

Director of Creative Arts: Chantelle Baier. Responsible for the Society’s relationship with persons and organizations in the creative arts, including movies, TV, music and fashion.

Director of Education: Frances Dellutri. Responsible for developing and overseeing educational programs and educational projects of the Society primarily directed to students and teachers.

Director of Information Systems: Dave Dressler. Responsible for the development, deployment, and maintenance of Society information systems, including websites, blogs, databases, backup systems, security systems, software licenses, membership systems, donor management systems, email systems, and group distribution lists.

Director of Publications: Aggie Kobrin. Responsible for developing, managing, marketing, and/or publishing Ad Astra and such other publications of the Society as may be determined by the Executive Committee.

Director of Strategic Relationships: Gary Barnhard. Responsible for developing, managing, and/or supporting strategic relationships between the Society and one or more particular institutions, organizations, and/or entities.

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