I’ve been super-busy in my life outside of aerospace lolz…but I am back! 

Today is the one-year anniversary of Discovery’s final launch, STS-133. A lot has happened since last year, but my love of space has remained the same. I am hoping to make it back to the Cape in the next couple of months, just for fun. 

Also, February 20, 2012 was the 50th anniversary of the United States’ first foray into orbital spaceflight, featuring living legend John Glenn and Friendship 7. I need to post photos…John Glenn and his Mercury 7 colleague and BFF, Scott Carpenter, reunited to discuss their times as the world’s biggest badasses. I only wish their counterparts – Gus, Deke, Al, Wally and Gordo – had been around to join in the festivities. That would have been one hell of a space party. 

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