Book Review: The Case for Space

Book review: The Case for Space: How the Revolution in Spaceflight Opens Up a Future of Limitless Possibility, by Robert Zubrin. Reviewed by Greg Autry. Those of us deeply embedded in the space community understand that space development is the Rx for a dismal Malthusian future and Zubrin makes our case better than anyone has to date.

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Space Ambassadors at ISDC 2019

Join the NSS Space Ambassadors team for an informative mini-track session at ISDC this year. For three hours on Saturday afternoon, you can learn what Space Ambassadors do, meet new and long-time members, and hear short example presentations.

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Huntsville Chapter Joint Event

The joint meeting of the Society for Technical Communications (STC) and Huntsville Alabama L5 (HAL5) Society is something to communicate about. In October 2018, STC President Julie Blair presented the idea of a joint STC and HAL5 meeting. Freelance Technical Writer...

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In “Excess”: The Travails of 1967’s Astronaut Class

Two books – one released this week, and one released nearly half a century ago – give insight into the gradual whittling-down of NASA’s 1967 class of scientist-astronauts, who were unceremoniously christened the “Excess Eleven” (or “XS-11”). How did a group that produced a famously prolific, hyper-motivated space flier (Dr. Story Musgrave, the only astronaut to fly each Space Shuttle) also lose so many of its astronauts?

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