The Notre Dame Fire and the Space Movement

Opinion By Jeffrey Liss The discussion about the hundreds of millions of dollars and euros that have already been pledged to rebuild the Cathedral of Notre Dame in Paris has ramifications for the space movement. If instead of devoting all those resources to restoring...

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The Nervous Nellies and Scared Sams of Space

Opinion By Dale Skran Three recent incidents have led to a lot of hand-wringing among space advocates. After the fully successful “hat trick” of landing both the side boosters and the center core the Falcon Heavy, the center core of the FH toppled due to heavy seas,...

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Visions of the Early Shuttle Program, 1978

Revisiting space literature from the late 1970s still turns up many surprises and “alternate histories” of an age yet to come. One case in point revolves around the Space Shuttle mission timeline depicted in 1978’s Observer’s Book of Manned Spaceflight, written by veteran BBC aerospace correspondent Reginald Turnill.

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Book Review: Blue Darker than Black

This novel is the second book of an alternate history trilogy, chronicling the lives of two pilots in a secret Air Force program called Blue Gemini. This trilogy is “hard” science fiction, with care taken to get the technical details right. It all reads as if it really happened.

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