2019 SpaceX Recap

By Dale Skran Just by the numbers SpaceX had a terrible year—only 13 launches, down from 21 in 2018, and 18 in 2017, although more than in 2016 and previous years. What gives? Was there a terrible disaster? Was another rocket lost on the launch pad? Let’s take a...

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Review: For All Mankind Paints an Alternate Apollo with Vivid Brush Strokes

The new series For All Mankind (available on Apple TV+ and created by Ronald D. Moore, who has worked on Star Trek and created the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica) is almost made for those who snapped up Quest’s summer special issue, or for those who enjoy the alternate space history visions offered by Gerald Brennan (whose latest, Island of Clouds, captured an alternately incredible and nightmarish journey to Venus under the auspices of the Apollo Applications Program). It’s fun, it’s heartbreaking, and it’s downright realistic, which will undoubtedly satisfy the hardcore (read: nitpicking) space history buffs. Note: this review contains some spoilers.

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