NSS Chapter News Roundup

By Claire McMurray, NSS Chapters Reporter   NSS Japan Chapter President Speaks to 3000 Students Contrary to our name, NSS is a very international organization. Taichi Yamazaki, President of the NSS Japan Chapter and CEO and Commercial Astronaut of ASTRAX, Inc., spoke...

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St. Louis Chapter Bright Ideas Expo

By Judy Tippett On August 11th our St. Louis Space Frontier NSS Chapter participated in sharing our bright ideas at the St. Louis Science Center. Along with a table in the hall covered with information about our upcoming events and a Moon globe, we had a room of our...

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Book Review: The High Frontier: An Easier Way

The High Frontier: An Easier Way (July 2018), by Tom Marotta and Al Globus, reviewed by David Brandt-Erichsen. A worthy update to Gerard K. O’Neill’s seminal 1977 book The High Frontier, this book provides new ideas on a stepwise approach that can help bridge the gap between where we are now and the first orbital space settlements.

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NASA’s 3D-Printed Habitat Challenge

NASA and partner Bradley University of Peoria, Illinois are holding a $2.5 million competition to build a 3-D printed habitat for deep space exploration, including the agency’s journey to Mars. The multi-phase challenge is designed to advance the construction...

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