The National Space Society is proud to announce the “launch”, on June 23, 2009, of Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin’s dramatic memoir, Magnificent Desolation – The Long Journey Home from the Moon.  In his new book, Dr. Aldrin, an honored member of the NSS Board of Governors, provides a gripping account of the lunar landing (and as to how close it actually came to failure), as well as a frank and open discussion of the personal challenges that awaited him upon his return to Earth, including his difficult, but ultimately successful, battle to overcome depression and alcoholism.  It also details his tireless work as an advocate for space exploration, development, and settlement. 

In conjunction with the release of his memoir, Dr. Aldrin also recorded a new “rap” song, “Rocket Experience”, which he recorded with the assistance of two other famous “rappers”, Snoop Dogg and Talib Kweli. His friend, Quincy Jones, and admirer, Souljaboy, also appear in the Funny or Die video made of the song in support of Buzz’s track. This dual launch of his new memoir, and his new career as a rapper, were the subject of television appearances on The Today Show, CNN, and Access Hollywood.  

We invite you to check out two online videos involving the recording of Dr. Aldrin’s rap song, the first one called, “The Making of Rocket Experience”, and the second one called, the “Rocket Experience Music Video”:



Dr. Aldrin has announced that a portion of the proceeds from the “Rocket Experience” song will go to his non-profit corporation, ShareSpace Foundation, and also to other non-profit space advocacy groups such as the National Space Society, in order to further space exploration, development, and settlement.

For additional information about Dr. Aldrin and ShareSpace Foundation, check out his website at 

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