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David Stuart

National Space Society Board of Directors

David Stuart wrote:

“Getting humanity into space became an important interest of mine during my studies leading to my B.A. in biological science. Back then, college studies in biology included a young field called ecology — the study of organisms living in and interacting with their changing environment. It was clear to many of us then, as it is to most now, that Earth is immersed in a much larger environment that we perceive as ‘the Universe.’ The question that interested me then, and continues to this day, is when and how humanity will explore and live in this immense environment of space.

“I was able to find others interested in space and soon became a member the National Space Institute and in the local Minnesota Chapter of the L-5 Society — the precursor groups to the National Space Society. It was with this L-5 Chapter that I was an eyewitness to the first Shuttle launch, STS-1, an event that cemented my faith in humans being able to explore and settle space. Since then I have been in a variety of officer positions in two different Chapters of the National Space Society, attended at least 14 International Space Development Conferences, was Chair of the NSS Chapters Assembly, and am currently VP of NSS Membership and a member of the Chapters Committee.

“I have stepped up my support of the National Space Society in recent years, and though my career has taken other turns, my interest in getting humanity into space remains one of my main focuses. With the National Space Society I see a breadth and depth of views and interests, all of which will be needed when humanity establishes outposts and research stations in space. Those, in turn, will be the foundations of off-Earth settlements, and eventually civilizations. Helping move toward these inspirational goals is why I continue to support  and have increased my involvement in the National Space Society.”


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