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Elaine Walker has been actively involved in NSS since 1996 when she became President of the Boston Chapter of NSS, Region 8 Chapters Organizer, and was a moderator for NSS-Discuss. Elaine also became president and founder of the renewed NYC chapter of NSS (NSS/NYC) and Region 8 Chapters Organizer.

She has “spread the word” in many TV, radio and magazine interviews and performs frequently in the Eastern states with her “electronic-pro-space-pop” band ZIA, promoting a positive view of space exploration to a young audience.  Elaine also sings at several pro-space conventions each year and has three full-length CD’s of her own, “Frontier Creatures”, “MARS” and “Space Elevator Music”.

Elaine has a masters degree in Music Technology from New York University. Her company, BlueZia Productions, writes electronic music for space-related ventures.  Some BlueZia work includes the songs “Yuri Gagarin” (the theme song for Yuri’s Night: The World Space Party), “Devon Island” (written for the NASA Haughton Mars Project), “Who Will Win the X-Prize?”, and music for TransOrbital’s promo videos.


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