By Alfred Anzaldua
NSS Executive Vice President

The National Space Society (NSS) notes the groundswell of space advocacy groups and entities decrying the lack of commercial provisions in House NASA Authorization bill (H.R. 5666). Provisions for flexibly leveraging commercial space companies are crucial for making the U.S. space effort dynamic and sustainable. The following are four examples of recent documents from space advocacy leaders pointing out crucial flaws in H.R. 5666:

NSS again joins others in noting that the terms of H.R.5666 are overly prescriptive and ignore the enormous potential of our dynamic commercial space industry, which, if fully and wisely utilized, could speed humans on to the Moon, Mars, and the rest of the solar system to tap into the vast resources of space.

We call on the U.S. House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology to engage in a transparent process with NASA, industry, academia, and space advocates to formulate a bill that will unleash the creativity and dynamism of our burgeoning commercial space industry for social and economic benefit. We stand ready to work with House members for that purpose.

Image: SpaceX concept for Commercial Lunar Payload Services

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