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There are three basic facial expressions used by former NASA astronaut/general serious business guy Frank Borman in the 1960s. Here are some expert tips on how to pull these off. These are great tools to scare people at work or in grocery stores.
Indifference, or The Official NASA Portrait Face
Basically all you have to do here is stare blankly ahead at someone or some fixed object like you’re bored. This one is rather easy to do. 
Raised Eyebrows with Indifference 
This one is a bit more difficult. Learn to move your brow muscles to add a slightly worried, concerned furrow to your forehead. This expression is useful when being told you have to stay in a space capsule with someone for two consecutive weeks. 
Get the Hands Involved/Complete Exasperation
Use your hands to get your point across: you don’t want to share a locker with Buzz Aldrin. Sometimes the face says what words just cannot convey. 

My Awe-spiration: 
No one has ever been so effective being angry, ever.

Frank Borman photo from Life magazine. The supermodel of the world is Emily Carney.

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