International Space Development Conference 1993

The National Space Society’s 12th annual International Space Development Conference was held in Huntsville, Alabama. Conference sessions included:

How We Used to Make Them Work

  • Dave Christensen – The History of Rocketry in Huntsville
  • Tom Rogers – Remembering Who The Customer Is
  • Dick Smith – Saturn 5 – Getting the Job Done
  • George McKay – Responsibility

Development on the Fast Track

  • Julian Campbell – Introduction
  • Leik N. Myrabo – Transcending Technological Denial In Spacecraft Propulsion

Technology Transfer

  • Arthur Henderson – Introduction
  • Harry Waters – NASA/MSFC

Cheap Access to Space

  • Bob DeBiase – Introduction
  • Rick Tumlinson – Give The People What They Want
  • Byron Lichtenberg – Learning from the Past
  • Tom Rogers – Making the Necessary Changes
  • Peter Diamandis – Cost and Financial Drivers for SSTO
  • Panel Discussion

Aerospace Plane Concepts

  • Scott Crossfield – X-30 Politics
  • Paul Czysz – Is International Aerospace Capability On the Verge of Coalescing?
  • Jess Sponable – Single Stage Rocket Technology Program

Space Property Rights

  • Charles Miller, Glen Reynolds, Alan Wasser


  • Results Of The Foundry

Conference Opening Session

  • Greg Allison
  • Lori Garver

Plenary Session Friday

  • Rick Chappell – The Importance Of Space In America’s Future
  • Greg Allison
  • Charles Walker – Special Merit Space Pioneer Award – Dan Goldin
  • Jeff Lawrence – Acceptance Speech

Plenary Session Sunday

  • Greg Allison – Introduction
  • Buzz Aldrin – Space Station Redesign

Plenary Session Monday

  • Greg Allison – Introduction
  • Robert Zubrin – Settling Mars in Our Lifetime

Special Events

  • Jack Lee – Director – Marshal Space Flight Center
  • Open Meeting – Experimental Spacecraft Society
  • J. R. Thompson – Awards Banquet
  • NSS Town Meeting



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