International Space Development Conference 1996

The National Space Society’s 15th annual International Space Development Conference was held in New York, NY. Conference sessions included:

Baikonur: Dealing with the Russians

  • Ridley Whittaker

German Rocketry

  • Michael J. Neufeld

Apollo Memories

  • Ross Fleisig
  • Ronald A. Creel
  • Charles Pellegrino

Apollo Lunar Rover

  • Greg Zsidisin: introduction
  • Ronald A. Creel: Designing for the Lunar Surface

Asteroids: Promise or Peril?

  • Michelle Baker: Introduction
  • Donald Cox
  • James Chestek

Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous

  • Robert W. Farquhar

The Beauty and Danger of Asteroids

  • Tom Gehtels

Thinking Through History to our Future… A Time Travelers Report

  • Alan Willoughby

Large Scale Programs

Space Station: Where we are Now

  • David Millman – Introduction
  • W. Michael Hawes

Space Station: A Personal View

  • Tom Rogers


  • Rick Tumlinson

The Role of Government in Space

  • David Millman – Introductions
  • Alan Ladwig
  • Mark Hopkins
  • Chuck Laur
  • Robert Zubrin
  • Panel Discussion

Reusable Launchers

  • Robert DeBiase: Introductions
  • William R. Claybaugh – X-33 Overview
  • Ira P. Victor – Rockwell’s X-33
  • T.K. Mattingly – Lockheed/Martin’s X-33
  • Marshal H. Kaplan – Two Stage Reusable
  • Bill Gaubatz – McDonald Douglas’s X-33
  • Panel Discussion – The Commercial Viability of Reusable Launch Vehicles

Solar Power Satellites

  • Seth Potter: Introductions
  • Peter Glaser
  • Jeffery Landis
  • Seth Potter
  • Martin Hoffert
  • John Strickland
  • David Criswell

Moon/Mars Panel

  • David Millman: Panel Introduction
  • Larry Roberts: Introductions
  • Dr. Lou Friedman – Planetary Society
  • Victoria Beckner – Lunacorp
  • Ian Randal Strock – The Artemis Project
  • Robert Zubrin – Mars Direct

Rugged Individualism

Private Lunar Missions

  • Greg Zsidisin – Introduction
  • Mike Simon – International Space Enterprises

Artemis Project

  • Ian Randal Strock

The Millenial Project

  • Marshal Savage

Space Tourism (and the X-prize)

  • Peter Diamandis
  • Colette M. Bevis
  • Tom Rogers
  • Larry Roberts
  • Brian Sinberg

Special Programming

NSS Outreach Program

  • Greg Zsidisin: Introduction
  • Robert Zubrin

NSS Awards Ceremony

  • Bob Zubrin – NSS Slide-show
  • Shirley Smith, Craig Ward, Kirby Ikin – Chapters Awards
  • Lori Garver – Headquarters Volunteer Service Awards
  • Mark Hopkins – Spacecause/Spacepac
  • Ronald Lajoie – Chapter Assembly Awards
  • Charlie Walker – Robert A. Heinlein Award, other awards



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