Happy 50th Anniversary, Kennedy Space Center! Photoshop masterpiece courtesy of Scott at Play Space on Tumblr. My most gracious thanks to you, sir!

One of my favorite places in the world, Kennedy Space Center, is celebrating its 50th year. On Thursday, August 2, and Friday, August 3, NASA is inviting 50 of its social media followers to a NASA Social celebrating this accomplishment. I will be there!

So yeah, expect lots of Internet-shrieking and fangirling from my side of the world later this week. I intend to be blogging from the event and I promise to take lots of photos. Also, dear reader, you can follow me on my personal Twitter account, as I’ll be updating that too. 
We will also be treated to a preview of MSL’s upcoming landing, which will be about as challenging as fitting three gallons of crazy into a two gallon bucket (I did not make up that phrase…a good friend did, and it’s apt to describe MSL’s landing).

So yeah, if you don’t like lots of updates about the Space Coast and other happenings in that area, you can feel free to…
Deal With It Dave strikes again. Dave Scott, before Apollo 15, 1971 NASA photo. Lolz added by me. Because I had to get a gratuitous mention of Apollo 15 in here (it’s also Apollo 15’s 41st anniversary this week!). 

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