Today ‘s global $350 billion space economy will soon bloom into a trillion-dollar economy. Join the National Space Society for the virtual webinar LEO Commercialization: The Pathway to Earth’s Trillion Dollar Space Economy on September 30 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (10 a.m. Pacific) as we present a group of thought leaders who will engage in a 90-minute discussion of what it will take to get us to that first trillion dollars in low Earth orbit.

Panelists include:

  • Lynn Harper, Lead, Integrative Studies, Space Portal at NASA Ames Research Center,
  • Alex MacDonald, Chief Economist at NASA,
  • Mike Lewis, Chief Innovation Officer at NanoRacks,
  • Cindy Martin-Brennan, Director, Strategic Engagement and External Affairs at Space Tango,
  • Rich Boling, Vice President of Techshot, Inc.,
  • Elena Bulanova, Head of Cell Technologies of 3-D Bioprinting Solutions,
  • Andrew Rush, COO of Redwire Space, President of Made In Space, Inc.
  • Moderated by Bruce Pittman, Chief System Engineer at NASA Space Portal and NSS Senior Vice President.

Topics include government policy and funding to support emerging space industries, near-term profitable space manufacturing, medical and technological products, and much more.

Research and development platforms, both government and commercial, are needed in space. Some will be attached to the International Space Station, while others will be free flyers in various orbits around the Earth. The space ecosystem will soon be full of multiple providers and a world-wide customer base, resulting in an economically thriving low Earth orbit marketplace, eventually extending into cislunar space and beyond. But this bright future will require intelligent legislation and strong financial support to succeed — and this discussion will outline the path ahead.

Join us on September 30 at 1:00 p.m. Eastern Time (10 a.m. Pacific) for a presentation about our exciting future in space and the steps we need to make it a reality. This extraordinary event will be simulcast by e360tv.com over Facebook, YouTube, Roku, Amazon Fire and other streaming media. Be sure to mark your calendars — you don’t want to miss this!

This presentation can be viewed on e360tv.com on the web or via the e360 channel on your set-top device (Roku, Fire, etc.) and on the NSS Facebook page and on the NSS YouTube Channel.

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