Image: March Storm 2018 training session

August Blitz/Fall Fury 2018 Home District Congressional Visits Coming Up

You are cordially invited to join the 2018 Annual Alliance for Space Development/National Space Society/Space Frontier Society August Blitz/Fall Fury Home District congressional action event. This event supports the 2018 Alliance for Space Development (ASD) annual campaign. Briefing materials will be provided on topics such as commercial LEO space station initiatives, legislation to enable cislunar commercialization, and support for planetary defense. The August Home District Blitz is free and open to all; invite your space-interested friends.

Please direct any questions to August Blitz Chair Ian Burrell at [email protected] or NSS Policy Chair Dale Skran at [email protected].

March Storm 2018 Washington Congressional Visits a Success

The now-past March Storm 2018 event consisted of Congressional visits in Washington, DC, and was a good success in advancing the following 2018 Alliance for Space Development objectives:

  • Establish an Ultra Low Cost Access to Space (ULCATS) program based on public-private partnership and streamlined governmental policy and regulations (see DRAFT BILL).
  • Ensure a gapless transition from ISS to private space stations in LEO, with NASA assisting with development and serving as an early customer (see DRAFT BILL)
  • Enable cis-lunar development through a series of programs, such as:
    1. A public-private partnership to develop and demonstrate a re-usable lander based in cis-lunar space.
    2. Setting a price that NASA will pay for commodities (water,etc.) at locations in cis-lunar space.
    3. Purchasing data gathered by private companies on lunar resources (water, etc.)

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