Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space to Speak at Major National Space Society Event

The National Space Society is proud to present famed newspace entrepreneur and commercial astronaut Dylan Taylor at its annual ISDC®, the International Space Development Conference®, which will be held on May 25-28, 2023 in Frisco, Texas, a suburb of Dallas.

Taylor is the Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space Holdings, a multi-national space exploration company building the next generation of space infrastructure. Its client sector divisions include Civil Space (NASA), National Security (Space Force, DoD, Space Command) and Commercial Space.  Among the companies acquired by Voyager are Nanoracks, Altius Space Machines, Pioneer Astronautics, and most recently The Launch Company.

“Dylan is the consummate NewSpace professional,” said Dale Skran, COO of the National Space Society. “His efforts have had a major impact on space commercialization and this will only continue to grow into the future. We’re very pleased to have him at the ISDC.”

Taylor is also the co-founder of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, the largest trade organization dedicated to promoting the development of commercial spaceflight, pursuing ever-higher levels of safety, and sharing best practices and expertise throughout the industry. CSF has worked tirelessly to craft the modern Commercial Space Launch Act and promotes innovation as a national policy to spur the economy and create high technology jobs. In February 2017, Taylor became the first private citizen to design an object manufactured in space when a gravity meter he commissioned and co-designed was printed on the International Space Station.

Taylor also flew aboard Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft as a commercial astronaut in 2021, an experience that reinforced his appreciation of our home planet as a place to be cherished and cared for. Not coincidentally, his publishing company, Multiverse Publishing, carries a number of books on spaceflight, including new editions of Frank White’s many books, including The Overview Effect.

Among other philanthropic efforts, Taylor founded Space for Humanity, a nonprofit that purchases seats on the New Shepard for ordinary citizens who typically would not have access to spaceflight.

Join Taylor and dozens of other top space professionals at the International Space Development Conference in Frisco, Texas, in May 2023. The conference will be held at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Dallas Frisco Hotel & Convention Center near Dallas-Fort Worth. More information can be found at the ISDC website.

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