Ballots have been distributed to eligible NSS members for the 2022 NSS Board of Directors Election.

Here is what to do if you have not received a ballot:

First, check your email spam folder. 76% of members were sent emails with voting instructions and a link to an online ballot. These emails went out on May 11.

The other 24% of members (for which we did not have a unique email address) were sent paper mail-in ballots via first class mail on April 29. A few international members may not yet have received these, so please be patient a bit longer.

If you did not receive either an email or paper ballot, you can request a paper mail-in ballot by emailing [email protected] or calling (202) 424-2899. This year, only NSS members who were members continuously from March 16 to April 15 are eligible to vote.

The online voting system (using SurveyMonkey) was set up by NSS but to ensure that no Society member and no candidate has any access to the ballot results during the election, the system has been turned over to Virtual, Inc., the management agency for NSS, and it is now running automatically. The online voting system is limited to those who were initially emailed individualized links to the online ballot. “Replacement” ballots can only be supplied in the form of paper mail-in ballots.

The final deadline for votes to be received is June 24.

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