NSS has emphatically requested that the House of Representatives adopt the Senate version of the NASA Authorization Act of 2010.

The vote on this issue is now imminent!  

You need to call your Congressman today if possible and let them know how you stand on this issue and what you would like them to do.

The exact schedule for the vote is not yet known.  We will post updates to the blog and the website as soon as further information is available.

Remember that telephone calls are usually taken by a staff member, not the member of Congress.  Ask to speak with the aide who handles the issue about which you wish to comment.  After identifying yourself, tell the aide you would like to leave a brief message, such as: “Please tell Representative (Name) that I support adopting the Senate version of the NASA Authorization Act of 2010 and request that he/she do so as well.”  You will also want to state reasons for your support of the bill. 

You can follow up on any pending legislation at http://www.thomas.gov

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