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March Storm Returns to Washington DC – March 6-8, 2023


The National Space Society’s annual advocacy event returns this year, in-person, to Washington, DC. The event will be held March 6-8, starting with a training half-day on Sunday, and followed by meetings with Senate and House offices Monday through Wednesday. The event hotel is in Arlington, VA, and is Metro accessible. Meetings will be conducted in House and Senate office buildings on Capitol Hill and require a government issued ID for access.

NSS conducts March Storm in conjunction with the Alliance for Space Development, a collection of like-minded space-advocacy organizations.

ASD 2023 Objectives

This year’s objectives for March Storm include:

  • Extend the “learning period” limitation on FAA rule-making for human space launch for another eight years.
  • Initiate a clean energy technology demonstration of Space Solar Power beamed to Earth from low Earth orbit, deployed within five years.
  • Protect Earth from hazardous asteroids by increasing funding for the NEO Surveyor space telescope, to help recover from major cuts in FY22 and FY23.
  • Support for current programs: Commercial LEO Destinations, Commercial Crew, Artemis Human Landing System and Gateway, Commercial Lunar Payload Services, and NASA’s Science Technology research.

Registration Information

There are two steps in the registration process. After you’ve completed the registration form, you will receive a link to our payment platform (to be sent in mid-February). You must complete the $35 payment to participate. The registration fee helps to cover the cost of a meeting space, printed materials, and financial assistance. Anyone who cannot afford the registration fee, including students, may request financial assistance to cover the cost.

Please share this information with anyone who would be interested in participating in our Citizens’ Space Agenda.

Supporting Links

  • The ASD 2023 Objectives documents will be posted here as soon as they become available.
  • Meeting report form

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