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Campaign to Save NEO Surveyor (Near-Earth Object Surveyor Mission)


The Save NEO Surveyor campaign will run throughout the summer of 2023. Over the next few months, NSS and the Alliance for Space Development (ASD) will be scheduling meetings with key congressional offices and splitting volunteers into action teams. Virtual training will be provided for all signups. Our training will include specifics on who we are, what we are advocating for, and how to participate in these virtual meetings. We make sure that everyone can contribute to our advocacy efforts regardless of prior experience. Don’t be afraid to sign up if it’s your first time advocating! More information will be provided by email after signup.

Save NEO Surveyor Sign-Up link

All actions events during 2023 will be virtual, using a combination of Zoom calls and conference calls.

Please direct any questions or comments to Executive Coordinator Cari Reinert at [email protected] and the NSS NEO Surveyor Campaign Manager Jon Dagle at [email protected]

Background information

Our policy points were developed by our member organizations including the National Space Society, Space Frontier Foundation, Students for the Exploration and Development of Space, and several others. During this period we will focus on three policy points, with a special focus on saving NEO Surveyor from proposed devastating cuts:

  1. Support planetary defense by continued funding of NASA’s NEO Surveyor mission and other planetary defense initiatives.
  2. Support the Commercial LEO Development Program through CLD stations and products.
  3. Support the development of Space Solar Power capabilities through multiple programs between the Departments of Commerce and Defense.

Following years of success, we are in serious trouble with the NEO Surveyor Mission. This mission will supply critical information on near-Earth objects unavailable to current ground-based instruments by using infrared detection and the Earth-Sun L1 orbit.

The Commercial LEO Development (CLD) Program supports industry efforts to develop sustained commercial LEO presence, transition manned LEO activity from NASA to commercial partners, develop commercial LEO destinations, stimulate commercial growth in LEO, and ensure a seamless transition at the end-of-life for the International Space Station. We are asking for funding of CLD stations and purchase of CLD products.

We are also continuing our efforts to promote Space Solar Power (SSP). SSP refers to the collection of the sun’s energy in the space environment, then beaming that energy for collection on the Earth’s surface. After a discussion with representatives from ASD member organizations, we believe our country’s capabilities with space access, solar power, and energy transfer have reached a level where we can begin looking at an SSP program. With increasingly cheaper access to orbit and a growing need for energy across the globe, this program could pave the way to U.S. dominance in LEO. Several agencies, companies, and international competitors have already begun their own research into SSP programs, and ASD is asking for government focus into this capability.

Save NEO Surveyor Sign-Up Link

ASD 2022 Objectives [PDF]

Meeting report form

(More information about past legislative blitzes.)


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