NSS Organizational Structure

NSS Organization Structure

The National Space Society is composed of a combination of member volunteers and hired staff and contractors.  The volunteer side of NSS is by far the largest portion, extending from the base membership all the way to the top of the organization.  The NSS staff maintain the permanent office based in Washington, D.C. and perform the critical functions necessary to keeping NSS operational on a daily basis.  The volunteer leadership sets the overall philosophy and direction for the Society as well as oversees its operation.  Both volunteers and staff work together to plan and execute NSS activities.

NSS Organization Structure

NSS Board of Governors NSS Board of Directors NSS Board of Advisors NSS Executive Committee NSS Executive Vice-President Other NSS Officers NSS Senior Operating Officer Other NSS Vice-Presidents NSS Headquarters NSS Headquarters NSS Committees NSS Policy Committee NSS Political Action Network NSS Chapters NSS Volunteers


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