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2021 Space Year In Review

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space year in review

Featuring Larry Boyle and moderator Jim Plaxco.

2021 was one of the most impactful years in space, based on the breadth and scope of the missions, both human and robotic. Unlike the 1960s and ’70s, space is no longer the provenance of only two countries. The players have expanded to include many other countries as well as private companies all attempting to “take longer strides” in space. In this informative presentation, Chicago Society for Space Studies Vice President Larry Boyle provides an overview of the global space activities that occurred during 2021.

Worldwide spending on space is estimated at over $446.88 billion a year. 72 nations have space programs and hundreds of private, for-profit, companies are working in outer space. Several nations have sent robotic probes to Mars. 2021 was the year of space tourism with the flights of Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin, and Inspiration4. The United States has a program called Artemis to return people to the Moon by 2025. And the Webb Space Telescope will be launching later in December. It’s been an exciting year and Larry will look at the highlights with some looking ahead to 2022. Don’t miss this comprehensive review of an amazing year in space.

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Larry Boyle was the President of the Chicago Society for Space Studies between 1989 and 2002. He is now a Vice-President. The Society started in 1977. Larry was a reference librarian at the Franklin Park Public Library. This allowed him to research the events in the world’s space programs very easily. He is now retired. Larry has been interested in the space program since childhood. He went to the Kennedy Space Center to watch the Apollo 17 launch to the Moon in 1972. He has been to a space shuttle launch as well. Larry received his Library Degree at Rosary College and a BS from Loyola University in Chicago. Larry’s hallmark presentation has been his “Space: The Year in Review” program which he has been giving since 1979.

Jim Plaxco is a digital artist and computing professional who has been a space activist since the mid-80s when he became a member of the National Space Institute. He has served as the Director of Information Systems for the National Space Society. He is also the Webmaster, a Director, and President of the Chicago Society for Space Studies. Mr. Plaxco also created the CSSS Speakers Bureau. He additionally serves as a NASA JPL Solar System Ambassador, a National Space Society Space Ambassador, the National Space Society Space Ambassador’s Economics Subject Matter Expert.

Mr. Plaxco has previously served as both a Director and a Vice President of the National Space Society and as both a Director and a Vice President of the Planetary Studies Foundation. He has been a judge in a variety of space art contests, including art contests sponsored by NASA. He also served as the manager of the Enterprise in Space Orbiter Design Contest and the National Space Society Space Settlement Art Contest.

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