NSS Members Receive “Membership Rate”
National Space Society members are invited to register at a discounted rate for the 12th annual International Mars Society Convention, to be held this week, July 30-August 2 at the University of Maryland, College Park.
Click here to register and enter the code NSShD4YF in the box above the “Regular Member Convention Admission” sections of the registration page.
The Mars Society has a tremendous program this year.  Speakers include,
Dr. Steve Squyres – Cornell University, Mars Exploration Rovers
George Butler Director – Roving Mars, Pumping Iron
Dr. John Grunsfeld NASA Astronaut – Invited
Miles O’Brien – space journalist, former CNN anchor
Michael Carroll – artist and author
Andrew Chaikin – historian and author
Dr. Roger Launius – Chief Space Curator, Smithsonian Institute
Dr. Jim Garvin – NASA
Dr.  John Mather NASA; Nobel Prize winner
Dr. Mario Livio – Space Telescope Science Institute
Dr. Chris McKay – NASA
Bertram Ulrich – Curator, NASA Art Collection
Dr. Carolyn Porco – Cassini
Dr. Robert Zubrin – President, The Mars Society

The convention will also have some impressive special programming which includes,

1. Exploration:  An Historical Perspective: An examination of the history of exploration on Earth and how historical lessons might be able to be applied to space exploration.
2. The Art of Space:  A panel of artists discuss the importance of the arts to promote and document space exploration.
3. Reporting Space:  A look at the role of the media in space exploration.
4. Tour of NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
5. Special viewing of ROVING MARS (which commentary from Dr. Steve Squyres and George Butler)
6. The Great 2009 Mars Blitz: Join over 100 space advocates on Capitol Hill to tell Congress why they need to support an aggressive human space flight program that will get us out of low Earth orbit as quickly as possible.

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