The National Space Society invites you to the next NSS Town Hall

Thursday, April 13, 2023, 9:00 pm to 10:15 pm EDT

A Preview of the 2023
International Space Development Conference (ISDC):
A New Space Age

With Special Guests:

Kobrin and Pyle Town Hall

You are invited to preview the 2023 ISDC and join humanity’s greatest adventure. The ISDC will be held on May 25 through May 28 in Frisco, Texas, just north of Dallas. This four-day conference will explore many areas related to “New Space” as well as space exploration. Topic areas include: The exploration, development, and settlement of the Moon, Mars, and cislunar space; Space medicine and human health in spaceflight; Innovative spaceflight technologies; Space commercialization and infrastructure; International collaboration in space and living in space;  Space debris and mediation solutions; Space law and policy; and many more.

Special guests include space shuttle and private astronauts, NASA engineers and scientists, leading space technologists and researchers, space entrepreneurs, educators and space advocates all focusing on the business and future of space travel, settlement, and exploration. Several NSS leaders are also featured speakers. Several of the confirmed ISDC speakers include:

Dr. Bonnie Dunbar
Former NASA Astronaut, Engineer
Texas A&M University

Jared Isaacman
Commander, Polaris Dawn Mission
Commander, Inspiration4 Mission

Dr. Pascal Lee
SETI Institute, Mars Institute,
Haughton-Mars Project

Dr. Eric Smith
James Webb Space Telescope
Program, NASA

Melanie Stricklan
CEO and Cofounder, Slingshot

Dylan Taylor
CEO, Voyager Space
Commercial Astronaut

Join Aggie and Rod as they preview the ISDC’s sessions and presenters and provide an inside look at organizing this exciting event! To learn more about ISDC 2023 use this link:


Register today to reserve your seat and ask your questions. Use the link below.

Register no later than April 13 at 8 pm EDT

Past NSS Space Forums and Town Halls may be viewed here.

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