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NSS Press Releases

Appointed to Seat Left Vacant by Passing of Long-Serving NSS Officer Mark Hopkins On July 12, Gabriel Rothblatt, a longtime space settlement advocate, political figure,

The Sub-Orbital Journey Presages an Age of Space Tourism On June 29, Virgin Galactic flew its first entirely commercial mission, dubbed “Galactic 01.” The suborbital

As the 27th Nation to Sign the Accords, India Brings Significant Scientific and Industrial Strengths to the Moon Program Image: Indian Ambassador Taranjit Sandhu signs

The Guayaquil Space Society Promoted Ecuador’s Joining of NASA-Led Lunar Coalition Image: Gustavo Manrique Miranda, Ecuador’s foreign affairs minister, signs the Artemis Accords in a

Allied Space Advocacy Groups Propose Creation of a New Sustainable Goal for Space Development Image: Karlton D. Johnson, Chair of the NSS Board of Governors

Wide-Ranging Presentations Highlight the Complexities Facing Private and National Space Actors Image: Space policy panel participants (L to R), Namrata Goswami, Leah Cheli, Ed Koeliner,

Ben Haldeman Wins Top Prize in the Martine Rothblatt Space Settlement in Our Lifetime Competition with his LifeShip Business Plan Image: Gabriel Rothblatt presents Ben

Magnificent Science Returns Earn the James Webb Space Telescope Team the NSS Wernher von Braun Memorial Award Image: Karlton Johnson, Chair of the NSS Board

Image: Artist’s concept of the Blue Moon lander. Credit: Blue Origin. Second Human Landing System Contract Encourages Competition and Innovation The National Space Society congratulates