By Lynne Zielinski
NSS Vice President of Education

Embark on a visual journey into the future! Students ages 10-25 are invited to share their VISION OF A FUTURE IN SPACE!

Show though all kinds of art media the incredible work of human ingenuity and creativity. Envision a place where the Moon, Mars, asteroids, orbital space settlements, and space elevators are not just distant dreams, but actual realities. Imagine yourself as an inhabitant of space, whether nestled in the lunar plains, establishing life in the rust-colored landscape of Mars, or enjoying the stars in an orbital outpost. As you step outside, what does life look like?

Parents, share this OUT OF THIS WORLD art challenge with your children and grand children. Teachers and professors, share this with your students and across the schools and universities. Have their work featured at the October 28-29 SmallSat Education Conference in collaboration with the National Space Society’s SpacEdge Education Program.

Click on the contest link below to learn more:

Image: 2017 NSS Grand Prize Winner: Transportation Logistics on Mars by Vlad-Adrian Muresan, University of Arts and Design, Romania.

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