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The Advantages of Space Living Over Planetary Living started out as a paper written for a college seminar hosted by Gerard O'Neill.  It was later re-written for publication in a Star Trek fanzine.

In Crossroads, there is a comparison between two different futures: One with space travel, and the other without.

What, if anything, might all this have to do with extraterrestrials?  Find out in Are We Alone In the Galaxy?  The View From the High Frontier.

Should we return to the Moon, or is that only a needless detour on the road to Mars?  We've Been There, but Have We Really Done That?

Would we be better off building settlements on the surface of Mars, or in free space?  The Case for Space provides a side-by-side comparison.

Building Dreams From Moondust discusses the use of lunar resources in nearby space, and the feasibility of lunar mass drivers.

To what extent does planetary chauvinism bias our thinking when considering space projects?  Somewhere Else Entirely illustrates this tendency with specific examples.

The concept of deflecting an asteroid on a collision course with Earth gets lots of attention.  But even absent such a collision, there may be good economic reasons to learn how to move asteroids around: Averting Armageddon, with ROI.

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