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Noted space artist Don Davis has written an excellent article entitled Space Settlement: The Call of the High Frontier. An expanded version of this article can be found on his website.

Scientist Seth Shostak explains why planets just can't measure up to artificial orbital habitats in "Why We Must Flee the Planet: The Geometry of Earth is All Wrong"

Read excerpts from Al Globus' writings on "Orbital Space Colonies".  It provides a good introduction introduction to the subject, discusses the advantages of orbital colonies over other approaches, and covers some space transportation issues.

In the sci.space.policy newsgroup, a poster named GroundHog decided to shake up us would-be space settlers by posting a provocative essay entitled Dumb Wannabe Colonists.  Some may find it insulting, but I found it food for thought.

Science-Fiction author Sylvia Engdahl has written a very good essay entitled Space and Human Survival.

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