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Space settlement

Note: The National Space Society presents this archive of the Space Settlement website created by High Frontier enthusiast Mike Combs, which he maintained on the web from 1996 to 2014. The purpose of his website is “to keep the vision of Gerard O’Neill fresh in the minds of space advocates.” Mike is a member of the NSS Space Settlement Advocacy Committee.

Bernal sphere space habitat

Space settlement is a unique concept for colonization beyond the Earth.  While most thinking regarding the expansion of the human race outward into space has focused on the colonization of the surfaces of other planets, the space settlement concept suggests that planetary surfaces may not be the best location for extraterrestrial colonies.  Artificial, closed-ecology habitats in free orbit would seem to have many advantages over any planetary home (Earth included).

Stanford Torus animation

Animation courtesy of Joe Strout

Most of the concepts on this webpage and in the Space Settlement FAQ are from "The High Frontier" by Gerard K. O'Neill, which is available from Apogee Books.

If you would like to discuss these concepts with others, I recommend the Space Settlers maillist at YahooGroups.  One has the options to either receive E-mails "live" as they are sent, receiving single digests of the day's E-mails, or receiving no E-mails at all and just reading the archives available on the web.

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This is the archive version of the Mike Combs Space Settlement web site and is provided as a courtesy of the National Space Society.